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We understand the importance of effective communication for the deaf and hard of hearing community, and our app aims to break down barriers and foster understanding. Join us on our mission to make communication accessible to all.

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The Silent Struggle
Overcoming Communication Challenges for the Deaf

The Silent Struggle

There are many communication barriers for the deaf and hard of hearing to obtain information in daily life, ranging from watching TV at home to hearing public announcements and sitting in lectures. A large proportion of them have difficulty in reading and writing. They are majorly dependent on lip reading - which is also not always available.

Bridging the Divide
Addressing the Interpreter Shortage in HK for the Deaf

Bridging the Divide

There are almost a quarter million people with hearing disabilities in Hong Kong , with only roughly 50 registered HKSL interpreters for official events, often requiring bookings a month in advance. This limits access to them in cases of emergency, or non-essential usage that is essential to foster inclusive environments. Furthermore, there are only a small number of public events, TV programmes and promotional videos with sign language translation.

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